Giving Back

A Fund to Help Restaurant Workers


A Fund to Help Restaurant Workers

Non-employed Assistance for Nourishment + CharitY

From the Partners at Culinary Creative: This fund was sparked by a longtime regular of our restaurant community, Nancy Greager, and her desire to assist the staff that are going to be out of work during the pandemic. Her generous donation of $14,000 is providing the seed capital, and will support meals and healthcare for our staff.

We're committed to supporting all of our staff and their families. This fund will support our programs as well as provide for staff members struggling with bills and other hardships they endure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We believe $50k would go a long way towards meeting our goals.

We are feeding the 300+ of our staff members as well as their loved ones with daily meals. We are continuing to pay for those enrolled in our health insurance plan. We will support them with any other urgent needs that may arise for them or their families. To date, the Nancy FUND has raised $59,000 to help restaurant employees.

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